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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I insert my photo?
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  1. Slide the outside tube off the base
  2. Remove the original photo
  3. Place your photo inside the clear tube
  4. Slide the tube+photo onto the base
What makes these frames special?
Our frames have a unique tube design where the photo is wrapped around a cylinder. Second, the frame is designed solely for 4x6 photos, the most common size photo in your shoebox full of pictures.
What is the difference between a photo ornament frame and a personalized ornament?
Photo ornament frames are just that, frames. The main advantage of a frame is that the owner can remove and replace old photos with any new photo. And generally, photo frames are less expensive than personalized ornaments. Contrarily, personalized ornaments have images and sometimes text that is permanently printed onto the surface. They are often higher cost because special machines are required to print onto the surface of the ornament.
What size photos fit into Pictoob® Picture Frames?
Standard sized 4” by 6” (10 cm by 15 cm) fit ideally. Caliper/thickness should be between 5 to 12 mil (0.13 to 0.30 mm). Nearly all photos made on home printers, purchased at grocery/drug stores or ordered from online photo sites fall within this caliper/thickness range.
What type of photos work best?
Photos should be landscape orientation.
How big are Pictoob® Picture Frames?
The product is approximately 4.1” (104 mm) tall and 2.1” (53 mm) diameter at the base.
Are photos permanently imprinted onto the frame?
No, this product is a frame and photos may be removed and replaced.

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